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Gold to Organic Gin at the world Gin Awards 2019!

Another reason to celebrate – our new Lab Distillery spirit, Organic Gin, got a Gold medal in the Contemporary Style Gin Swedish whisky category at the World Gin Awards 2019! We’re beyond happy and proud to receive such a prestigious award so soon after its release. The World Gin Awards select the very best gins in the internationally recognised gin styles and promote the world’s best gins to consumers and trade across the globe.
Mackmyras Master Blender Angela on the process behind Organic Gin;
“Organic Gin is a result of a collaboration between me and our Distillers Henrik Roos & Kyle Benkwitz and Mackmyra Sensory panel. We wanted to create a fresh, light and fruity gin with an obvious place in each gin enthusiasts cabinet. The Swedish notes prominent in Kreatör Gin, elder and lingonberry, has taken a little step back in Organic Gin in favour of exotic mango and citrus to add to the fruitiness. It’s an artisan-produced gin with a classic taste incorporating Swedish flavours and carefully selected organic ingredients.”
When developing Organic Gin, we used the expertise and opinions of our sensory panel, a team of people from all departments of Mackmyra. In this step they all get to blind taste different samples and answer questions, helping Angela on the way to the final decision.
Angela continues;
“I’m so, so happy for this award, it’s great to see Lab Distillery step into the spotlight with this amazing gin. And for me personally it’s a little extra fun since this is the first time I’m this involved in whole the process, from start to finish, of developing a new gin.”
/ Malin Åberg, Marketing Coordinator