Toppbetyg för Mackmyra i ”Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2020”

Flera av våra Mackmyraklassiker och 2019-nyheter har nu smakats och betygsatts av whiskykonnässören Jim Murray till hans världskända whiskyguide ”Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible”, 2020-utgåvan. Resultatet beskrivs närmast bäst med Jims eget citat om vår dryck: ”Whisky that gives a reason to live”. Kan det blir bättre än så?

Här nedan har vi samlat bokens Mackmyralista med betyg, tillsvidare är recensionerna på engelska.

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Nose 24/25p: ”Take your time on this nose: just look at the way the fragile barley and lime-squeezed tannin are lifted by a delicate mix of salt and pepper to tickle and tantalise your nose and make seductive promises for the palate…” 

Taste 24/25p: ”Perhaps, of all the world’s whiskies, only Mackmyra can produce this kind of clarity on delivery: perfect gristiness, thin lime blossom honey and the busiest of light spices.”

Finish 23.5/25p: now the barrels come into play with a soft kiss of marzipan…before the barley returns to be spotted with the clarity of a starfish in a rock pool.” 

Balance 24/25p: “Like many of Mackmyra’s whiskies, your senses have to be on full alert to enjoy it to its fullest…and as the whisky deserves. This is another Swedish tease, a whisky at the end of a fingertip and searching for all your secret nerve endings…”

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SVENSK EK, 46,1% – 95/100 POINTS

Nose 24/25p: “Now there’s a novel nose: something here I have never nosed before…think I need to look at that label… Right, well the oak offers sappy sugars and nipping spice is uniquely equal measure: perfect balance right on the nose.”

Taste 23.5/25p: “Wow…!! Those sugars apparent on the nose need no second invitation. They gush forth like waters from a spring on delivery, a unique blend of ulmo honey, marzipan, grist and muscovado sugars, sweetening and soothing the palate before giving way to a playful spice and the darkest of liquorice.” 

Finish 23.5/25: ”Long and increasingly toasty with the sugars now more of a molasses bent; the spices are increasingly more peppery and belligerent, but never is the balance lost even when the drier vanillas arrive; 

Balance 24/25p: Mackmyra has branched out into whisky matured from oak grown in the south of Sweden. Before I tasted this I was rooting for them. Soon I twigged that this is an avenue they must continue along. Brilliant!” 

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SVENSK RÖK, 46.1% – 95.5/100 POINTS

Nose 23.5/25p: “At first you might think the smoke is quite full on. But then you realise the company it keeps, it is part of a tapestry; for there are subtle oaky vanillins at play here, as well as diced fresh apple and elegant understated spices…”

Taste 23.5/5p: ”A plethora of mixed sugars, which not for a moment had been overtly evident on the nose, mingle together from the first moment on delivery. There is a little icing sugar to thin out the muscovado, but then this is strengthened by light heather honey. All the while the smoke is rising, but no more than the lightest liquorice from the oak”.”

Finish 24.5/25p: “And now it all comes together. The sugars have merged into a slightly dull maple syrup, the oak has evened out and joined the grain for a creamy vanilla and the smoke has taken on a slightly spicier persona, though uniting with the very late mocha sublimely: brilliant!”

Balance 24/25p: “Forget about the peat: the secret to this whisky is its subtlety, something not normally associated with smoky whiskies. It is a whisky so constructed that its many parts take time to gather, a segment at a time, until eventually, at the very finish, the whole picture is revealed. Fascinating, and quite brilliant. Now this is real blending…” 

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Nose 22/25p: “Presumably a malt, as barley appears to be on shew here. But has to be on full volume to get through a fascinating, almost indecipherable fruitiness”.

Taste 22.5/25p “A uniquely thick and musky-flavoured whisky: fruity but with an unusual depth to match the sharpness.”

Finish 22.5/25: “Superb length and body. Busy, slightly bitter tannins balance beautifully with the spiced fruit and light heather honey.”

Balance 23/25p: “Having spent quite a lot of time in Sweden, I can vouch they have a lot of clouds in that country, so a cloudberry wine is truly apt. A delightful flavour profile, and one unmatched by any other whisky in the world.” 

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Nose 23.5/25p: “An astonishing crispness to the plummy fruit. The sugars are almost of a rye style, with a Demerara crunchiness that seems carved from granite.”

Taste 24/25p: “Not the hint of a note out of place or off course: the delivery is as formal and strict as the aroma. The flavours are again fruit dominated, but so regimented and disciplined that it is hard to tell if it is plum or grape must in the ascendancy. No doubting the growing spices, though.”

Finish 23.5/25p: “A delightfully charming throb of spice sits well with the ever growing vanilla and light coffee tones.”

Balance 24/25p: ”This could equally have been called “Precise” because every single aroma and movement in this whisky appears to have been orchestrated and choreographed to the last detail…” 

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GRUVGULD 46,1% – 93,5/100 POINTS

Nose 23/25p: “A lovely mix of lighter caramel wafer and quite a punchy oak kick, shewing a semi-Kentucky leathery note.”

Taste 24/25p: “Adore the softness of the mouthfeel; the otherwise naked malt drapes over the taste buds dressed only in light oaky-caramel and spice.”

Finish 23/25p: “Those spices just keep on their rhythmic strumming; some mocha and praline begins to develop late on; dulls as the toffee takes hold.”

Balance 23.5/25p: “Some whiskies possess a serious and delicious chewability. And this is one of them…” 

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SKÖRDETID 46,1% – 93/100 POINTS

Nose 23/25p: ”Green banana, remote Demerara sugars and vanilla ice cream with a lime source.” 

Taste 23.5/25p: “Perhaps Europe’s cleanest delivery of the year: amazing distillation here which rips out any oils and instead bestows the job of carrying the flavours to the light tannins. The muscovado sugars and ultra-light spice make happy companions; a little light greengage suffices for fruit.” 

Finish 23/25p: ”Very cool menthol and spice softens towards a milk chocolate fade.” 

Balance 23.5/25p: “A whisky impossible not to love.” 

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Nose 22/25p: “Delicate and perhaps a little shy with he caramel dominating over the lighter phenols which become a little lost.”

Taste 23/25p: “Mouthfilling and sweet, spices erupt with a surprising degree of force before setting into a pleasant pulse; the tannins a shade over aggressive perhaps.”

Finish 22.5/25p: “A big toasted toffee fudge fade.”

Balance 22.5/25p: a huge amount of natural toffee from the barrel slightly quietens the party.”

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TEN YEARS, 46.1% – 89/100 POINTS

Nose 22.5/25p: “In my tastings, I sometimes make a joke about people writing they find wild strawberries on the nose of this or that whisky. Guess what: wild strawberries. Only a fragmentary aroma, but dovetails pleasantly with the even malt and light spice.” 

Taste 23/25p: “Sexy delivery with a satisfying sharpness to the sugars and busy buzz to the oak; a little toffee butterscotch and light chocolate enters the mid ground.”

Finish 21.5/25p: ”Just a little dull and even slightly bitter.”

Balance 22/25p: “Taking into account the use of the number on this bottling, not sure if I should be tasting this to Ravel’s Balero…” 

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Nose 23/25p: “Crunching tannins clatter into the nose, packing their spicy, toasty molecules tightly. Some heather honey also makes it into the mix to offer welcome balance.”

Taste 23/25p: “You almost find yourself picking twigs from your palate, so oaky is this. But, just as on the nose, honey notes, now accompanied by full on liquorice, makes sense of it all.”

Finish 22/25p: “A tad too much caramel, though the spices still ping.”

Balance 23/25p: “As someone who prefers balance and harmony in their music, be it (preferably) classical or Pink Floyd or Gryphon, I have to admit that Motörhead are anathema to me. So I feared the worst for this whisky. I shouldn’t have: as raucous as the oak may be, it plays rather well.”

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